NEP Solar has executed three solar cooling projects and are in the process of installing the fourth project.

Commercial Solar Cooling for Cinema Complex in Newcastle, Australia
NEP Solar have installed a 354m2 PolyTrough 1200 solar field which will drive a 230kW double stage absorption chiller for air conditioning of a commercial real estate complex. Commissioning is underway.

REDI Solar Cooling Demonstration Project
in Newcastle, Australia
A 50m2 aperture PolyTrough 1200 solar field has been installed at the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) Energy Center in Newcastle. The solar field underwent performance testing in 2007. Heat collected in the parabolic trough collector field was used to drive various medium temperature applications for demonstration purposes such as an ORC system and a 18kW chillii® WFC18 single stage absorption chiller from SolarNext. This project was supported by grant funding from the Commonwealth Governement Renewable Energy Development Initiative (REDI).

SERDF Solar Cooling Demonstration Project
in Padstow, New South Wales, Australia
New Energy Partners have developed a solar cooling demonstration project under the New South Wales Government’s Sustainable Energy Research Development Fund (SERDF). The project combines a parabolic trough collector field with a 175 kW Broad double stage absorption chiller. The installation was commissioned in July 2008.