NEP Solar is the leading provider of parabolic troughs for industrial process heat applications. Reference projects include…

ewz / LESA in Engadin, Switzerland
115m2 PolyTrough 1200 collector field supplied to the Swiss utility ewz from Zürich. ewz owns and operates the installation and supplies solar steam to the LESA factory under a heat supply contract. The collector field heats thermal oil to 200°C, which then drives a tube and shell steam generator. The steam is injected into the existing steam network of the end client LESA, a milk processing factory. The site is located at 1700m above sea in harsh alpine conditions with ambient temperatures reaching -30°C in winter.

Emmi in Saignelégier, Switzerland
630m2 PolyTrough 1800 collector field, ordered by the Emmi Group, the largest Swiss milk processor. The concentrating collector field is mounted on the flat roof of the “Tête de Moine” cheese curing and ripening plant in Saignelégier in the Swiss Jura. The solar process heat will be injected in the existing hot water circuit and offset 30,000 liters of heating oil (79 tons of CO2) per year. Installation and commissioning in 2012.

Cremo in Fribourg, Switzerland
580m2 PolyTrough 1800 collector field, ordered by Cremo SA, the second largest milk processor in Switzerland. The solar process heat installation will replace a significant amount of fossil fuel used for coffee cream production. 580m2 of NEP Solar collectors will be installed on an inclined roof structure in a very compact arrangement to maximize solar yield for the available roof surface. Solar heat at 150°C will be generated year round and replace 25,000 liters of heating oil (65 tons of CO2) per year.